Solo work


Solo Performance of Prussia Cove


Eliza Marshall brings together flutes, whistles, pipes and percussion. Filmed and recorded at Malvern Priory by Rob Bridge



As a solo Flautist, the idea of using multitrack delays and loops to build up layers of sounds and dance beats is not the first thing you may think of. However this is what an Eliza Marshall gig in 2021 is like, perhaps more Ed Sheeran than James Galway.

Alongside her other projects, Eliza Marshall is reaching a new audience with her solo performances. A year spent in lockdown meant learning new tools for many of us.  Musically, for Eliza Marshall the possibility of a self contained act enabling her to perform at festivals, gigs as well as on-line was irresistible. With Ranagri providing an outlet for her Celtic and folk music, her solo work is driven more by her love of  world music fusion. A combination of African beats along with her signature melodies and harmonies from Bansuris and flutes.

When visiting and performing Cameroon Eliza took over 100 flutes and whistles with her for the children at the NGO Africa Trust. When in Kenya she gave workshops and recorded with some of the local musicians. Whilst touring with Britten Sinfonia and separately with The National Symphony Orchestra of India, Eliza performed and collaborated in orphanages. A departure from workshops at Trinity Laban and Birmingham Conservatoire, but equally fulfilling

A huge lover of the outdoors, if Eliza is not creating or thinking about music, she may well be found in Scotland or north Wales up a mountain with her collie dog. ‘Anywhere that’s wild and takes your mind away from the everyday – being in nature brings me a lot of peace.’

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The very brilliant Jack Reddick put together an amazing concert and journey through lots of world flutes – I loved writing this commission for him and New World Symphony.

Featuring her unique Indian bansuri playing, Eliza appeared in 2014 for the World Premiere of Joby Talbot’s ballet “The Winter’s Tale”, as the onstage soloist at The Royal Opera House with The Royal Ballet 

‘The other-wordly sound of Eliza’s bansuri is warmly engaging, yet at the same time deeply mysterious.‘ – Joby Talbot